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The Proven Way To Get Hired

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Adam Hyder, Jobvite’s Head of Technology, dug deep into the data and found,

Referrals make up only 6% of the applicant pool.

However, referrals accounted for 39.9% of hires.

Employees Are Paid To Provide Referrals

As Rob Paone wisely points out, companies previously paid staffing firms $10,000 to $30,000 per candidate. Now they offer incentives of anywhere from $100 to $5000 to their employees to refer candidates.

How Do I Get In On This?

Reach out to your friends who work where you’d like to work. Ask them if they are aware of any referrals. Sometimes they will know, sometimes they won’t.

If they say “No” or “I don’t know,” call the employer and ask for HR. Simply say,

Is ABCCO Offering Referral Bonuses To Its Employees?

Sometimes referral bonuses are given for all positions. Sometimes they’re only given for the ‘hard-to-fill’ positions. Either way, based on the figures above, they’re worth pursuing.

Underestimating the Size Of Your Network

One thing we’re all guilty of, myself included, is underestimating the size of our network. The italicized inserts below from the help us to realize how many different people are actually in our network.

You already belong to many networks (family, friends, colleagues, fellow civic club members, etc.) and your job search network can be natural outgrowth of these primary contacts.

Each network connects you to another network (e.g., your child’s teacher can connect you with other parents, schools, and school suppliers).

Each member of a network may know of an available job or a connection to someone who will know of one.

What If You Don’t Have Any Contacts Where You Want To Work?

Then its time to cultivate contacts at your employers of choice.

1.) In LinkedIn click on Advanced Search.

2.) Enter the company name and the title you’re pursuing or the supervisor of that title. (You want to avoid people who might be competing with you for the same job.)

3.) Call the company and ask for that person.

I have to admit my experience here is limited. I’ve attached some links. These will help you know what to say.

5 Rules for Asking Your LinkedIn Connections for Help

6 Tips For Politely Requesting a Job Referral

How to Ask for Job Referrals – Email Scripts Included

If you don’t see that person’s email on their LinkedIn profile, I’ve sometimes found I can enter their name in google and one of the results contains their email.

Here are two links that can help. The first is a Google Chrome extension which provides 150 free email searches per month. The second is a detailed article from Hubspot.



If We’re Not Connected, I’d Love To Connect –

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Image Credit: clem onojeghuo Gabrielle Fortin