You Deserve The Best LinkedIn Profile Possible – Here’s the How-To

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Congratulations, you’re a LinkedIn member!

You are one of more than 467,000,000 people on LinkedIn? (1) [Post written January 31, 2017]

Before you pop the cork on your champagne, realize it takes more than membership to attract Hiring Managers, Recruiters or anyone else to your LinkedIn Profile.


The great thing about LinkedIn is there’s so much you can do to attract people to your profile and tell your story.

You’re not the first person to travel this path, my former employer gave me many opportunities to learn all about landing my next job. These posts should help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile so you can land that job.

To start with, don’t be like,

Most job seekers who think recruiters spend 4 to 5 minutes reviewing their LinkedIn profile.

According to a study commissioned by TheLadders,

Recruiters spend about 6 seconds on their initial “fit/no fit” decision. 

How do you pass the 6 second test?

See my post, Everyday, Recruiters Search LI for Candidates – When They Search for Your Skills, Will They Find You?

What will they think when they see your photo?

See, Does Your Photo Send the Right Message?

What will they think when they read your headline?

See LI Headlines Get Interviews Or Undermine Your Value. What Does Your Headline Do?

Will your LinkedIn Summary win them over or put them to sleep?

See Will Your LI Summary Pass The 6 Second Test?

Will your recommendations get hiring managers interested in you?

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Are you using the Jobs section of LinkedIn?

See With LinkedIn, You Can Search For, Apply To and Learn About New Jobs As Soon As They Are Posted

Is your LinkedIn Experience section making your phone ring?

See Does Your Experience Section Generate Interviews?

Should you spring for LinkedIn’s Job Seeker Membership?

See Is The Job-Seeker Premium Membership Worth It?

Are you using every section of your LinkedIn Profile as effectively as possible?

See Do You Use Each Section Of Your LinkedIn Profile To Its Full Advantage?

Are you new to LinkedIn?

See New to LinkedIn? – These Webinars Help

Are you using the 40+ spaces in the Name field to your full advantage?

See Is Your Name Doing All It Can For You?

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(1) Membership # and chart from LinkedIn’s About Us page