Will Your LinkedIn Summary Pass The 6 Second Test?

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Recruiters spend about 6 seconds on their initial “fit/no fit” decision.

Because you have no guarantee that anyone will read below your Summary, it must send the right message. The Summary I used when I was a job seeker is inserted below.

I begin with my beliefs about work, sharing two quotes about the power of persistence and sustained thinking to overcome problems. Whenever I’m asked, “Tell me about yourself,” I share these quotes.

I created a summary which anticipates the Hiring Manager’s Secrets, namely, Have I made money? Have I saved money? Have I increased productivity? How have I made a difference in the past? I follow each bullet with examples that answer those questions.

Because few people understand what an individual can do better than past managers, I included two manager’s quotes.

I then share three of the findings from my Gallup’s Strengths Finder Assessment. I also attached a copy of the Assessment to my profile.

When I was in the job market three years ago, I attached examples of my work. (Just ensure that no proprietary information from past employers is included in those attachments.)

Because everyone’s experiences are different, you may want to consider describing,

  • How you’ve made a difference in prior positions.
  • Awards you’ve received and why you received them.
  • Obstacles you’ve overcome.
  • Other Achievements.

Your summary and your entire LinkedIn profile should demonstrate how you are different from other candidates.


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Job hunting books were solely written by HR managers and recruiters in the past.

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