Your Title Is Way More Important Than You Think

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Here’s Why…

Recruiters put a roof over their head,

food on the table

and send their kids to college

with the commissions they receive.

They Make Their Commissions By…

Using LinkedIn to find the candidates

their corporate clients need.

With 630 M members globally and at least 154 M in the U.S,

Recruiters don’t peruse LinkedIn profiles,

They skim;

In 6 seconds they decide

To continue reading your profile or

Move on to another profile.

Before they start skimming LI profiles,

They identify candidates

who meet their clients’ needs.

Boolean searches like the one below are used to return the profiles of candidates recruiters want to review.

site: “” (“office manager” OR “office administrator”) (“customer relationship management” OR CRM) (Pennsylvania OR PA) -job -jobs -sample -examples (1)

The above search string returns LinkedIn profiles of office managers and office administrators living in Pennsylvania who are familiar with CRM.

Now, do you have a better understanding of the importance of your title?

I didn’t know this stuff 10 years ago. I’m just trying to help you be a more successful job seeker.

How a Title Changed Someone’s Fate

On May 10, I made a new LinkedIn connection. He told me he had been out of work for close to a year.

After reviewing his profile, I found his most recent title was Problem Manager, I suggested a new job title. I also pointed out that Indeed shows only 15 positions with that title throughout the U.S.

On June 12 my friend messaged me saying since changing his title to Incident and Problem Manager he had a ton of activity.

He started a contract position with a new company. He also interviewed with another firm for a similar position.

How a Title May Change Another Person’s Life

A friend asked me to help her friend who is out of work. When I saw the title she was using on LinkedIn, I decided it was time for the Test.

By Test, I mean entering the current title and similar titles to see which title has the most jobs in the US when no address is entered. Here is how that played out,

Employee Trainer 1 job

Training Manager 3,365 jobs

Training and Development Manager 89 jobs

Training Coordinator, 1,228 jobs

Corporate Trainer, 218 jobs

Training Specialist 2,158 jobs

Supervisory Training Specialist, 7 jobs

Technical Trainer, 411 jobs

As a result, I’ve recommended that she consider the Training Manager position.

Has this article changed the way you think about your title?


Clark Finnical is a Career Expert and author. Clark’s first book, Job Hunting Secrets (from someone who’s been there), was published in 2017. LinkedIn Strategies to Take Your Career to the Next Level was published last year.

(1) Boolean example comes from Workable