If You Think College Was the Best Years Of Your Life, Read This

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In my 61 years I’ve learned,

Each New Phase of Life, Will Never Be Exactly Like It Used To Be.

If you think your college years were the best years of your life,

Let me you clue you in on something few people understand.

The Good Old Days, Like Your College Years, Seem Like the Good Old Days Because

Everything you were concerned about,

Stressed about,

And worried about,

Has played out.

Because you have no stress or worry or concern about anything in the past, the past will always seem better than the present.

If you think this way you’re forgetting a very important fact…

Five years from now,

You will longingly look back at today for today will be the past.

I’d also wager if you thought long enough, you’d remember a lot of things about your college life that you didn’t like,

The professor who assigned a 20 page paper that was due the Monday after Thanksgiving.

 The girl or guy who never said yes to you.

The endless studying.

I’m sure you can think of other things.

So, stop thinking today doesn’t have what college had.

Today has a lot of things college never had.


The ability to choose how you spend your day.

Where you will work.

The dreams you want to pursue,

The person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

And, the places where you want to travel.


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