Do I Really Have to Do This ? ? ?

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Ever had a hard time doing something that…You really don’t want to do?

When I ran cross country in high school, I would sometimes encounter one of those hills that looked like it went straight to the sky.

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 5.47.00 PM

I don’t know how it happened. We were just running along on a beautiful flat trail having a great time and…The next thing you know I’m staring at a mountain or at least it looked like one.


Well, given that I love running and wasn’t planning on stopping…I just put my head down and continued running…

…and you know what, I scaled that hill (not the one above) and was back to running through the woods in no time.

Are you encountering any hills that look like mountains?

If you are, remember this,

As BAD as things look now, if you just stop thinking about it and just do it, you’ll amaze yourself at how quickly it passes.

HINT: It’s the thinking about it that brings us all down.

So, if you have a daily, weekly or monthly task that you would NEVER choose to do, remember this,

The sooner you stop thinking about the task and start completing it, the sooner you can do something you really want to do.

If you’re in college and you’re thinking,

I have SEVEN more semesters of this ? ? ?

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 6.30.15 PM

Remember college is a lot like that hill I ran up.

Just as I didn’t focus on how long and hard it would be to run up that hill, I just kept running…

You need to do the same.

When the semesters seem long… remember why you signed up for college.

The Labor Department makes this pretty clear in the charts below.


chart (1)

Admittedly, college is a little longer than running up a hill, so reward yourself throughout the journey.

Check out these posts for suggestions.

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Do yourself a favor. Make as many friends as possible. After all, you’re all in the same boat and you’ll need each other.

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 6.36.59 PM

As good as many of the above suggestions are, I think Doug Hilton has the best suggestion. (Thanks Quora.)

We’re all addicted to dopamine. The safest and easiest method of obtaining a dose, is laughter. The person telling the joke gets as much dopamine, as the person laughing. As an added bonus, laughter boosts the immune system.

Here are my favorite movies when I feel like laughing:

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 6.42.31 PM

Freaky Friday (2000’s version)

Liar Liar

Groundhog Day


Trading Places

Annie Hall

Young Frankenstein

High Anxiety

If you’re doubt the importance of  laughter, I’d encourage you to read Norman Cousins’ Anatomy of an Illness


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