Have We All Forgotten How to Be Compassionate?

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As we drove from church about an hour ago, Barb shared an interesting story about friends of ours who are also parents of one of our daughter’s friends.


It turns out they were belittling someone who returned to live with his parents after he was over 30.

Since both my wife and I and our friends are Christians, I couldn’t help wondering if they had forgotten John 13:34,

As I have loved you, so you must love one another.


I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m far from it.

However, it seems like so many people are incapable of understanding how everyone’s life is different.


When people’s lives are different they’re going to make decisions that are different from our own.

It doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It just means their situation is different.

Most importantly,

No one has the right to judge the wisdom of other people’s decisions.


Instead, we need to respect each other because that is how we would want to be treated.

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I believe our friends, just like I’ve done in the past, have been influenced by messages from the world that are anything but kind.

I used to watch a certain TV show, until my wife and daughter pointed out that I was starting to treat others poorly.

I suspect our friends have fallen into a similar trap.

If we’re watching shows or reading books where putting others down is more the norm than the exception, it’s highly likely that we’ll start doing the same thing.


How about you?

Is everything that you’ve let into your life, helping you to be, the best you can be?


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