12 Lies Told To Job Seekers

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As job seekers, we have virtually no restrictions on what we can or cannot do.

However, practically everyone we meet tells us what we have to do.

The sad thing is, because most job seekers don’t know any better, they fall for what they hear. I know I did.

I’m not saying everyone who speaks to you during your job hunt is lying.

I am saying that you need to be careful.

Much of what is passed off as common knowledge or wise advice doesn’t actually help you.

Much of what job seekers are told helps the person who is telling you.

That is why I created 12 Lies Told to Job Seekers, so you can benefit from my experience, make wiser choices and get hired more quickly.

For more information, check out 12 Lies Told To Job Seekers, it is only 99 cents.


Clark Finnical is a Career Expert and author. Clark’s first book, Job Hunting Secrets (from someone who’s been there), was published in 2017. LinkedIn Strategies to Take Your Career to the Next Level was published in 2018. 12 Lies Told To Job Seekers was published in 2020.


Article originally appeared on https://thewiseramerican.com/

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