Your Life is Like a Spaghetti Model

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Anyone who lives on the East Coast is familiar with Spaghetti models.

Spaghetti models represent experts’ best attempt to predict where a Hurricane will go.

Many factors impact the direction of a hurricane.

Not unlike the many factors that impact the direction of our lives.

I googled ‘What impacts the direction of our lives’ and got some interesting information…


The first page of results returned these answers:






I actually had to go to the second page to get what I believe is the answer: ‘Our Thoughts’.

I know from my own experience that few things have a greater impact on my life’s direction than my thoughts throughout the day.

I’ve learned that thinking about sad events or personal mistakes from my past will take me down a bunny trail I don’t want to go to.

I’ve learned that thinking about past achievements, helps me remember what I am capable of.

I’ve also learned that the more I focus on my personal goals and probably most important, why I chose those goals, the more likely it will be that I will either achieve those goals or at least make progress in that direction.

Gandhi said it best in his words below. I’m guessing I will frame these words as a personal reminder to myself.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 12.03.26 PM

So, when it comes to your life, what types of thoughts will you choose?

Will you adopt thoughts that will help you achieve your goals?

Or, will you simply let your thoughts run wild and accept the outcome?

Your goals


I hope you’ve found this message helpful.


Clark Finnical is a Career Expert and the author of  Job Hunting Secrets (from someone who’s been there),   LinkedIn Strategies to Take Your Career to the Next Level ,   12 Lies Told To Job Seekers,  How to Stand Out: From All of the Other Candidates,  and   What No One Told You About Job Titles and Your Job Search 


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