Do You Kick & Scream, ‘No’, When You Think About Rituals?

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For years I thought all rituals were ‘meaningless. My thinking was,

‘How can anyone find meaning in something they do every day.

Then, something happened…

I read how Seinfeld became a famous comedian by committing to write one a joke a day.

Seinfeld put an X on each day on a calendar when he created a joke. As the days extended into weeks and the weeks into months. Seinfeld was determined not to break the chain.

That sounded pretty smart to me, so I printed out my own calendar.

I started running back on May 1st and I haven’t broken the chain.

I started reading for 15 minutes before I went to bed shortly thereafter and I haven’t broken that chain either.

Earlier this week, I started meditating for 5 minutes before I start my work day.

I have a sticky on my monitor to count 5 blessings each morning and each morning I do that.

I also get on my knees and pray to God for wisdom before I start my day.

Do I Kick & Scream, ‘No’, When I Think About Rituals?

Not anymore.

But, I’ll probably never call them rituals.

Instead, I’ll call them gifts.

‘Gift’ is the correct word. Because…

Running is a gift, for I feel so good afterwards and I enjoy listening to NPR while working out.

Meditation is a gift for it puts me in a better state of mind for my day.

Reading for 15 minutes each night is a gift because I’m reading great books.

Counting my blessings is a gift because studies have shown it reduces stress and makes us happier.(I) (II)

Praying for wisdom is is definitely a gift because I can use all the wisdom I can get.



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(I) APA PsycNet. Counting one’s blessings can reduce the impact of daily stress.

(II) American Psychological Association. A key to happiness.