Lost Your Writing Mojo ? ? ?

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Whenever the words don’t come quickly, I turn to the pain that made me start writing.

When I write for job seekers,

I remember –

Hearing, ‘We’ll call you’ and never getting a call.

Realizing my unimportance when they take forever to decide if they’ll hire me.

Learning how truly unimportant I am when I take 2 -3 hours to complete the detailed online application, only to click submit and receive a message that the job is already filled

I remember –

The constant warning, ‘Only apply to jobs when you have 80% of the requirements.’

When you first hear this it sounds logical until,

You read a job description, which is one continuous sentence and 15 lines long.

The hiring manager says he’s so busy that he didn’t have time to create a job description. The description online is only a template, which doesn’t describe the actual job.

The hiring manager tells you that they haven’t fleshed out the responsibilities for the new role.

The job description is so full of corporate jargon, you’re not certain what it means.

The job requirements appear as if they’re looking for a Nobel Prize winner.

I’ve encountered all five situations.

I’ve also applied for roles where I didn’t have 80% of the requirements and eventually got hired because of the exposure I received in my first interview. Others told me they’ve done the same thing.

The bottom line is there are so many painful parts of job seeking, that I could fill pages upon pages of the pain job seekers experience.

My books address these issues and help job seekers overcome these challenges.

Hemingway said,

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed,”

While I don’t bleed, I only have to go back to the pain I experienced and the pain my friends have experienced when they’ve lost their job.

If you’ve lost your writing mojo, your motivation to sit down and write, seek out the pain that made you pen your first words.


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