Do you really think you’re better than me ? ? ?

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Everyone is better than you and I at something.

This is a fact of life.

Yet, why do we get our back up and cringe when we think about it?

Because we misinterpret what others are saying…

No one man or woman is better than us at everything…

…Yet, as Ralph Waldon Emerson said,

“Every man I meet is my master in some point, and in that I learn of him.”

I have a higher IQ score and did better in standardized tests than both of my brothers, yet, they always out-earned me. In fact, it wasn’t even close.

I feel I have enough knowledge to set up my home wifi, however if I get into a pinch, I have a friend at church whose business is setting up and managing business networks.

I feel l’m sufficiently knowledgeable to perform my Financial Analysis role, however I know of three people at work I can reach out to who probably know the answer if I don’t.

While I believe I’m a fairly good author, I have an author friend who is much better at coming up with great book titles than I am.

Why Is This an Important Fact for Imposters?

Some people may ask themselves, ‘ Who am I to write a book, give a lecture, take on this new role?

If you feel this way ask yourself…

‘Do any of us do everything in our lives?’

I don’t repair my car.

I don’t grow the food I eat.

I didn’t build the home I live in.

There are people who are much more qualified than I am to repair my car, grow what I eat and build houses like the one I live in.

In the same way, you are singularly qualified to perform your unique role.

You have much to share and many will benefit from your contributions.

I hope you found this article helpful.


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