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George Bernard Shaw said,

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Yet how many of us know what to create?

In the past 62 years I’ve seen many politicians follow their parents’ example:

George W Bush and his Dad, George H. W. Bush were both presidents.

Mitt Romney and his Dad, George Romney were both governors. Mitt was governor of Massachusetts and George Romney, governor of Michigan.

In addition, John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams were also both Presidents.

In the Business world, it isn’t that different.

The children of the founders of SC Johnson, Perdue Farms and Comcast continued in their parent’s businesses.

When you think about it. It makes a lot of sense. Many of us grow up in a family business and find it easy to follow in our parents footsteps or something similar.

I did. My Father worked for a large corporation as I did and both of my brothers did.

What about the rest of us who don’t want to follow our Father’s example?

Sometimes it’s the power of suggestion that determines our path.

I’ll never forget receiving a claim letter from our Insurance company signed,

Karen Settle

A BBC article (I) on the topic revealed,

A proctologist called Dr Butts,

A pastry chef called Baker

Researchers found that

People named Dennis or Denise tend to become dentists at a higher rate than people of other equally popular names. (II)

So for some of us, our career choices are influenced by our parents, others by our name.

What about the rest of us?

There’s a reason songs were written with lyrics like these,

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you? (III)

But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (IV)

Direction for your life

Cathy Guisewhite, the American cartoonist who created the comic strip Cathy, shared this advice at a college commencement,

Take the classes, the friends, and the family that have inspired the most in you.

Save them in your permanent memory and make a backup disk.

When you remember what you love, you will remember who you are.

If you remember who you are, you can do anything.

If you doubt your ability to create your dreams, consider Malcolm Forbes’ words,

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”

Sam Walton’s words.

“You can learn from everybody.”

Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 1.00.13 PM

He was wise enough to realize the more he learned from others, the more successful he would become.

He saw the value in others, that we all too frequently do not see in ourselves.

If you’re afraid you’ll make mistakes read

Mistakes I Made At Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong

Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 12.41.24 PM

So follow Tim Fargo’s advice when he said,

“If you want to improve your self-worth, stop giving other people the calculator.”

Run from those who do not value you.

Seek those who appreciate you.

Twenty years ago, I started documenting my achievements.

This is a great exercise, because it enables us to say to ourselves,

Look at what I’ve done.

But don’t wait till you’ve documented your achievements.

Bless this world with everything that you have to offer.

Because you are an amazing person.

I hope this post has blessed you.


Clark Finnical is the author of 

 Job Hunting Secrets (from someone who’s been there)

LinkedIn Strategies to Take Your Career to the Next Level , 

 12 Lies Told To Job Seekers,

 How to Stand Out: From All of the Other Candidates

What No One Told You About Job Titles and Your Job Search  

The Job Loss Mind Game: What Really Happened And What You Need to Do Now


Featured Photo by Ashley Light on Unsplash

Walton Photo: Wikipedia

(I) S.J. Velasquez. Baker, Barber, Butcher, Painter: why we want to see our own selves reflected in what we do for a living.

(II) Ibid.

(III) Source: LyricFind

(IV) Source: Musixmatch


  1. Over 30 years ago I created a portfolio to illustrate and highlight my career journey. I recorded all the courses I took over the years, all the jobs and volunteer positions I held and included pictures too. When I showed my sister it inspired her to create her own portfolio and one for her daughter who was just approaching her teens. I have often recommended this process to my career clients.


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