How Framing Events Can Lead to a More Successful Life

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Life is a lot like my college roommate’s old car.

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 3.37.47 PM

Since its power steering was shot, you never knew when the car would suddenly swerve to the left or the right.

People don’t come with power steering.

So, we have to steer ourselves in the right direction.

Just as I had to hold on tight, to keep that car on the road,

I have to hold on tight to my thoughts, because depressing thoughts can lead to a tail spin.

And deciding to be happy leads to a glad heart and a continual feast regardless of circumstances.

I’m not recommending that we avoid difficult issues, for that would be foolish and only make things worse.

I am saying we can choose how we respond to life’s events.

One day I ran into a co-worker in the men’s room.

Like I do with most people that I run into, I said, ‘Happy Monday’!

He quickly responded with,

What’s good about it?

I don’t remember exactly how I replied.

I do know that the look on his face made it crystal clear that he saw nothing good in that day.

To paraphrase Dr. Melanie Greenberg,

How you think about the events in your life can help you reframe things in more positive ways OR take you down a rabbit hole of negative thinking.

Unhealthy ways of thinking can cause depression and anxiety, prolong stressors, and create chronically stressed states of mind that can affect your heart health and immunity.

Dr. Greenberg goes on to say,

“You can’t always control what you think, but you can learn to identify when you’re sinking into a negative pattern, and then reboot and redirect your thinking along a more constructive or hopeful path.” (I)

Since I’ve decided to not let depression rear its ugly head, I’ve chosen to frame the events of my life in a positive way.

My job was eliminated four times between ’89 & ’12.

Each time it happened, I realized the job loss was not a reflection on me. It was a function of the economy and how my former employer was run.

Because of this attitude, I was rehired into another department at my employer three out of the four times that my job was eliminated.

In addition, my attitude played a key role in my salary tripling in the 24 years that I worked for that firm.

So life is full of all kinds of events, however how I react to those events is determined by how I choose to see those events.

Said another way,

How I react to life’s events is determined by the picture I paint of those events.

When you think of your life’s events what picture are you painting?

I hope you found this article helpful.


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Featured Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

Old car image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Guillaume Speurt

(I) Dr. Melanie Greenberg. 3 Negative Thinking Patterns to Avoid—What to Do Instead. Psychology Today.

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