A Priceless Yet Practically Effortless Gift that Everyone Appreciates

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At my former employer, one of the gifts I gave my friends was the opportunity to vent.

These people, like myself, frequently had to grin and bear it when they worked with others who were, let’s say, ‘Challenging’.

Telling people what you think of them usually isn’t good for long term job security. 

Waiting and releasing all your thoughts and frustrations to someone who is happy to listen can be liberating.

This is a gift that is valued in all walks of life.

During breakfast this morning, my daughter shared all her thoughts about her future. 

I loved being there for her because I knew how important it was for her to get all of that off her chest.

As our children move into young adulthood and my wife’s mother ages, my wife has been reinventing herself.

This is not an easy process.

Few things can be more valuable to someone than letting them share everything that is on their mind.

It is not only emotionally liberating,

The mere act of translating our feelings into words helps others better understand themselves.

How about you?

Do you let others vent to you?

One of the benefits of letting others vent is when you need to vent, you’ll usually have a ready and willing audience.

I hope you found this article helpful.


Clark Finnical is the author of 

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Image by ragesoss, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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