Job Hunting Secrets (from someone who’s been there)

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What readers say…

Kristin Sherry (Career Coach)

As a career coach, I never know what to expect when I read books and advice in the career field. Sometimes I agree with authors, sometimes I don’t. This book caught me by surprise because of the deceptively simple layout. The information is presented in a way that is simple to both reference, skim, or read, in easily absorbed topical chunks. Even though the content is presented very simply, the book is extremely thorough. It not only addresses the self-defeating mentalities job seekers can trip over, and how to shift to a mindset of success, it covers things you don’t know that you don’t know, right down to the small details that can hurt your job search success.

James Wylde (Director of Career & Graduate Student Services)

This book is both pragmatic and inspiring. It empowers job searchers, as though they have a knowledgeable friend walking with them every step of the way. It answers the key questions in the job hunt for the 21st century. Highly recommended!

Jeremy Page

A refreshing change from many books out there, extremely insightful and useful for me as I embark on my next venture.
Fantastic book and resource!

Andrew Palmer

After 31 years working for the same company, the U.S. Army, I thought I was well prepared for the job market. Boy, was I wrong. Technology has changed the entire job seeking process drastically. What Clark Finnical does in ‘Job Hunting Secrets’ is significant on several different levels. First, Clark explains how many organizations go about finding qualified applicants, from Application Tracking Systems to External Recruiters, including job web sites. You first have to run this gauntlet before you can even get an interview. Next, Clark expertly explains how the interview is not just sitting down with the hiring manager. There’s much more to it from practicing “positive self-talk” to developing Achievement Stories. Lastly, what I like most about ‘Job Hunting Secrets’ is how Clark continues to motivate you throughout the book to move through and around the inevitable obstacles and rejections with what seems like an endless supply of advice for every situation. Just know this, in my first hour with my new employer, I earned more than what I paid for this book. That’s a pretty good deal. Buy it.

Kathy Burkhardt

Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. Clark has done a great job on this book and while it is a wealth of knowledge for those seeking a job, it also has great examples to make you think about your everyday life and how you can enhance your marketability in your current situation.

I’ve been in a job elimination situation and wish I would have had this book then. It’s written so someone seeking their first job or someone who has to jump back into the job seeker market can benefit from this. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

M. Ambler-Shattock

Clark Finnical has created a genuinely insightful, pragmatic and practical ‘no-frills’ guide to navigating the modern-day labyrinth faced by individuals endeavouring to secure employment. This book contains solid and sensible advice and guidance that can be applied strategically to increase the efficacy of applications. I obtained it for professional research purposes, in respect of assisting Candidates to maximise their future prospects and opportunities for career advancement, and would certainly validate the accuracy of the information provided from a Hiring Manager’s and Resourcer’s perspective. An essential item for the Job Seeker’s toolkit.

Anil Nair

There is so much to say about Clark’s book – however I will list the points that come first in my mind:

• It’s comprehensive! (without being a bulky book or filled with fancy theories!)
• Well researched but written in the light of your own experience (this kept resonating with me – as I went to similar situations)
• Anyone can use this book and needs to read this book – ie; not only for the un-employed but for those looking for a change of jobs as well
• Many of the points in the book was shared with my friends as well – all of whom who really needed some guidance.
• The message is simple and powerful.
• The power of prayer is always stressed – this is very important when you are in the dumps – and you feel you are not getting anywhere.