LinkedIn Strategies To Take Your Career To The Next Level

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What readers say…

Liam Parfitt, (Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador)

“LinkedIn Strategies To Take Your Career to the Next Level” is a must have resource that does exactly as it states on the cover!

Written in a friendly conversational style blog, Clark Finnical, whose job was eliminated four times throughout his career, brings to life his struggles and experiences to help people get back to work as soon as possible.

Each page is a treasure trove, providing the reader with clear directions to get the most out of their LinkedIn profile, with no tip or trick spared! Let’s just say Clark with his experience provides the key to open many LinkedIn doors.

Clark hits it out of the park again and has undoubtedly helped me build a solid LinkedIn network! I am so impressed. This book is a real game changer!

Wyn Bumgardner, CEO, Career-Locator

Another winner by Clark Finnical! After receiving a free copy of this book, I agreed to write a review. In his latest book, Clark answers 3 compelling questions for job seekers and others who are interested in using LinkedIn for career advancement. WHY should I use LinkedIn? WHAT should I include (and NOT include) in my LinkedIn profile? HOW do I update and improve my LinkedIn profile? Thorough and comprehensive, this “gold mine” is loaded with practical advice and specific directions, including strategies for getting recommendation letters from former bosses, building your LinkedIn network how to job search on LinkedIn, and more. 5 Stars. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Barbara Bermudez, Transcription Manager

I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review of it. Let me start by saying this book provides a fantastic overview of the components of Linked In. While I already have a fairly good Linked In profile, reading this book has opened my eyes to some of the features offered on the site that I was not aware of, that will certainly help me in the future. The book is straight forward, easy to read, and has a host of tips that professionals of all skill and experience levels can learn from to build, or enhance a profile on Linked In. Clark touches on a variety of factors that provide excellent points on ways to build networking groups, find positions and market yourself to gain more from the professional website when starting a new career, or just develop networking resources for your current position. Bottom line, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to advance their knowledge of Linked In and the tools it offers for professionals.

Jason Hill, (Shared Services Center CEO)

Clark does a great job of painting a picture with engaging content. Well thought out and worthy of a read!