Other People’s Opinions

Few things in life can have as positive or negative impact on our lives as other people’s opinions.

I’ve experienced this first hand. I once worked for someone who said, ‘I should not be in the business world.’  

I came to realize that I replaced her friend. While I had no intention of replacing her, we were part of a company that was going through a merger. I stayed and she left.

While working for that employer, I was promoted three times and my salary tripled.

What does that say about that person’s opinion?

She wasn’t evaluating my performance. She merely resented me because I replaced someone she liked.

It’s essential, that we put people opinions in the proper perspective. In other words, we cannot let ourselves be the prisoner’s of other people’s opinions.

That is why I wrote, Other People’s Opinions.

Other People’s Opinions


Sooner or later we all confront other people’s opinions…

When confronted, remember what my 58 years have taught me…

Not everyone will appreciate you and everything you have to offer.

Many people believe,

‘If you don’t live life as I do, something is the matter with you.’

We know they couldn’t be more wrong.

While we wait for them to figure that out, don’t let these people bother you.

Move on and…

Seek out those wise enough to truly appreciate you and all you have to offer.

Remembering, just because,

Some people don’t believe in you, is no reason not to pursue your wildest dreams.

After all,

Their beliefs are just opinions, not facts.

~ Clark Finnical

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