The Limits of Others’ Knowledge

The image above illustrates my point.

Sixty years has taught me almost all people believe their limited knowledge and experience represents all of the knowledge that is out there and all of the experience that everyone else will know.

Here are some examples,

In 2010, I contacted someone I had worked with in Tampa Bay and asked about jobs there. She responded, ‘There are no jobs in Tampa Bay.’ Given that I had an interview with a Tampa Bay employer the next day, the limits of her knowledge were clear.

Around the same time, I spoke with a former coworker who was now working for a very large company. I asked about opportunities there. He responded, ‘Oh no, they’ve been cutting back for years.’ After our call, I went to his company’s job site and found pages of jobs that would be a good match me.

Why Does This Matter ?

As job seekers we are constantly making decisions as to how we will spend our waking hours.

Should I apply to this company?

Should I go to this networking event or should I fine tune my resume?

Because there are only so many hours in a day, we have to make the best decisions.

Here’s one more thing to consider. Anthony Robbins said,

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

That’s why I’m helping you understand the limits of other’s knowledge.

Consider this hypothetical situation which could easily happen in your life…

Let’s say you tell a close friend that you’re applying to ABCCO…

If he responds, ‘Oh don’t even bother. I went to all of the trouble of applying, customizing my resume, crafting my cover letter and going to an interview and for what? Nothing. Don’t even waste your time.’

His advice is based on invalid assumptions.

He is saying, ‘If I can’t land work there, there’s no way you will land work.’

What does he know about your skill set, experience, and interviewing capabilities ? ? ?

There could be any number of reasons he didn’t get the job, but just because he didn’t get the job doesn’t mean you won’t.

Don’t Let The Limits of Other People’s Knowledge Stop You From Making Excellent Decisions.